A newborn, wearing only a diaper, sleeping peacefully on a white bed with a white background

      You just had a beautiful baby. Everything is fresh and new. The soft baby skin, the intoxicating smell of your little one…it’s all magical. You never want to forget one second of it. In fact, many of us mommas know well before the baby is born that we want a newborn session to capture all the special little details but there are so many options out there! So today I’m going to talk a bit about what I do, why I do it, and why I feel it’s so special.

      Mom leaning in and kissing her newborn on the cheek while laying on a white bed with a white background. Baby is looking straight ahead at the camera.

      My Simply Natural newborn sessions are just that: simple and natural. There are no elaborate backgrounds, no unnatural positioning for baby. No real props or extensive staging. My goal is to capture the essence of your baby as he or she really is. The way your baby scrunches up into a little ball. The way she reaches her arm up and just carefully leans in on her side, resting peacefully. The way you hold him close and breathe him in. It is simple, beautiful, classic, and real.

      Now, that isn’t to say that I don’t position your baby or your family. In fact, I will pose and guide you every step of the way! I just won’t put your little one in any position that he or she wouldn’t naturally, and safely, be in on his or her own. Why? Because I never felt comfortable with that with my own kids.

      Mom and her newborn laying together on a bed. Mom is holding the baby, who is wearing only a diaper, and looking down at him smiling.

      When I was a new mom and deep in the newborn haze, I was in awe and in love, but also recovering, anxious, and exhausted. The thought of a posed newborn session, one that would require a spotter and folding baby into various positions, just made me very nervous. I wanted my baby comfortable or in my arms. That’s it.

      And so, my Simply Newborn sessions aim to provide you with an experience that will be stress-free. One that is relaxed and comfortable, not just for baby, but the whole family. Where you can come into the warm comfort of my studio, have a cup of coffee, and just be with your little one and your family, letting me create classic images that will forever capture this incredible time in your lives.

      Mom and dad, leaning in and looking down and smiling at their newborn, all on a bed with a white background.
      Two photographs of a newborn. One on the left is baby laying on his belly on a white bed and you can see his profile. The photo on the right is of moms hands wrapped around her newborns feet on a white background.

      Interested in learning more or scheduling a session? I’d love to hear from you!


      I love everything about this!! <3

      I love your explanation of your newborn session and I, like you, love these more natural sessions. These images are absolutely beautiful!!

      I LOVE the relaxed vibe of this session. Gorgeous little baby! Those eyes=😍

      I love simple and sweet newborn sessions!

      What a beautiful family! Welcome Marle. God bless

      What a beautiful family! God bless.